25 Get to Know Me Q’s

1. What is your middle name?:

My middle name is Emma

2. What was favorite subject at school?: I LOVED English, I still do!

3. What is your favorite drink?: Tea

4. What is your favorite song at the moment?: I have 2; Written in the starts by; The Girl and the Dreamcatcher and Glowing in the Dark also by; The Girl and the Dreamcatcher

5. What is your favorite food?: Anything my mom makes

6. What is the last thing you bought?: My New Desk

7. Favorite book of all time?: I read ALOT, But i have to say ‘Lesley Pearse’ is an amazing author, i have 5/6 of her books and trying to collect the rest. If i had to pick a favorite then it’s out of; ‘Father Unknown’ & Gypsy



8. Favorite Color?: My favorite color is purple. Any shade of purple

9. Do you have any pets?: I have a cat called; Timmy

10. Favorite Perfume?: Intimately by Victoria Beckham’s

11. Favorite Holiday?: I went to ‘Barry Island’ in Wales for the weekend years ago

12. Are you married?: Nope .

13. Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: Never been out of the country, but i do plan to in the future!

14. Do you speak any other language?: I took French in school, but…. it didn’t really stick

15. How many siblings do you have?: One my mother’s side i have an older sister Alison, who’s 34 and a younger sister Kirsty; who turn 20 in may. On my Fathers Side i have An older brother Graham, older sister Samantha, then 3 younger sisters; Amy, Nicola and Layla, and a younger brother Harley.

16. What is your favorite shop?: Primark😛

17. Favorite restaurant?: I’m not sure…

18. When was the last time you cried?: Last Weekend

19. Favorite Blog?: I Love Zoe Sugg’s (Zoella) : https://www.zoella.co.uk and Anna Saccone’s (From the Sacconejoly’s) : http://www.annasaccone.com

20. Favorite Movie?: The Hunger Games saga, Harry Potter, Paper Towns, The Duff, The Chosen

21. Favorite TV shows?: BAD GIRLS!!!!!

22. PC or Mac?: Mac

23. What phone do you have?: Nokia Lumia 635 in Blue

24. How tall are you?: 5’3″

25. Can you cook?: Kind Of….I;m still learning

Untitled #486

Untitled #486

AllSaints slim fit jacket
£275 – allsaints.com

River Island ankle boots
£28 – riverisland.com

Crawlspace Studios messenger bag
£31 – scoutmob.com

Untitled #485

Untitled #485

Chiffon dress
£27 – emp.at

Zip vest
£270 – bodaskins.com

Leg Avenue print tight
£2.51 – dollskill.com

Amy Shoes short black boots
£38 – yesstyle.com

Yves Saint Laurent black fringe purse
£3,245 – neimanmarcus.com

Disturbia triangle necklace
£11 – dollskill.com

Untitled #484

Untitled #484

Stretchy jeans
£36 – betsyboosboutique.com

Ankle boots
£24 – modcloth.com

Tylie Malibu leather shoulder bag
£410 – endless.com

Dragonfly jewelry
£225 – luisaviaroma.com

Bow jewelry
£9.56 – maurices.com

Goorin slouch beanie

Untitled #483

Untitled #483

Calvin Klein long sleeve tee

Ash biker jacket

AG Adriano Goldschmied white jeans
£230 – montaignemarket.com

Burberry black purse
£1,090 – saksfifthavenue.com

Collective Haul:

Hey Guys,

So as promised this is the collective haul I said I would be posting. Now not everything is photographed as some items are in the wash but I will add them as I got them back. These items I ‘collected’ over the last 3 to 5 months.

Now on with the haul;

Over the last couple months I’ve became Obbessed with owls! Dont ask why, I have no idea!. Anyway the….


 …first thing is this messenger bag, it has owls on!. I got this from a stall inside the merry hill shopping center in my city for £4.99


 Before I got the previous bag I brought this one a couple weeks before from Claire’s and it was any 3 items for £10. So I brought this bag my sister I different one and some sunglasses (which I dont have pictures of).

 This is a close up of the pattern on the bag.


DSC_0889 DSC_0890

Combat boots from Primark for £15


Owl Purse from Peacocks for £6


Grey ‘Let’s Meet In Our Dreams Tonight’ quote T-shirt from Primark for £3


Dark Blue ‘Wild Hearts Sail Away’ quote T-Shirt from Primark for £3


Pale Green ‘Muscle Tee’ from H&M for £4


Dark Blue ‘Muscle Tee’ from H&M for £4


Yes that is Harry Potter’s face on a T-shirt, I got this from primark for £6


Yes another Harry Potter T-shirt from Primark also for £6


Minnie Mouse T-shirt £7 from ‘George by Asda’

DSC_0875   DSC_0880

I got a fair few of these long sleeved shirts, they are from Primark for £3.60 each

So that’s sort of it, minus the items that are in the wash. Other might be another haul around my birthday (10th February) and a birthday haul at some point so look out for them.

Thank you for reading

‘See’ you guys in my next post



New Website Name:

Hey again,

So I’ve decided I’m going to be changing the name of the website from ‘polyvore sets by laurenemma’, to ‘A little Bit of Everything’. Reason being….I think its less restricted and instead of just polyvore sets…which I will still be doing. I can post more random posts and it won’t look as ‘out of place’ when I do post.

What do you guys think?!

Let me know what you’d like to see on here as it is you guys reading it. If you’d like to learn more about me, for me to be more personal or anything. Then please feel free to comment on this post or any post and let me know.

‘See’ you in my next post