2015 Update: I’m Back!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!

Hey Guys!, 

Long time no post right?, I’m sorry about bit MIA recently I’ve had a couple personal issues going on which I;am getting help with now.

As it’s a new year…I don’t normally do resolutions BUT i thought I’d do a could some in connection with this blog.

  1. I promise to post weekly – every weekend, as it’s the only days im on the laptop now
  2. I want to start taking suggestions and ideas in, from not only followers but even people just passing by the blog and has any ideas.

Okay so I only have 2 at the moment but I will be adding more as the year goes on. As I said im only on the laptop on the weekends, reason being is this is my sisters laptop and im use my internet android Touchpad and as some may know you can’t get polyvore on them so I cant make sets during the week. but I might try to do more typed up posts, maybe single out a certain clothing items and writing/typing about it or maybe even do hauls?!.

I will be posting more sets up soon as im working on some now, so be on the look at!. DONT forget to comment on whatever post your on and give me ideas.

Thank you for taking time out and reading…(if you actually did)


Lauren Emma 



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