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Book Room Design – Step By Step:

Creating a room to design includes several different steps, in this post i’ll be taking you through those steps. I’ll be including pictures as i progress with this design and explaining what kinda of ‘feel’ I’m going for as i work it out.

Step 1:

Create a room shape you would like to use.  This is the shape I’m starting off with.

Step 2: 

Add Furniture and decoration pieces.

Step 3:

Picking to right Wallpaper and paint for the room you’re designing.
For the Wallpaper I Chose: Cow Parsley Cassis
For The Paint I Chose the Shade: Night Jewels 5
For this room which is going to be a ‘Book/quiet’ room, i want modern but cozy at the same time.  The room size is perfect for this as it’s not to small, it is big enough to moved around and be comfortable in without feeling boxed in.

This step really depends on you and what else you would like to do with the design. For this design i’m almost done, so i will be just added the final touches to it and completing this design.
Now like an idiot i did forget to put windows in this design (not the first time). But i did spot it and i have added the in now.

Step 4 – Finishing Touches:

So that completes my Step-By-Step guide on my Book/Quiet Room design. i actually really enjoyed making this design and this post.
I hope you enjoyed reading this post, feel free to comment and leave you opinions and design ideas for my to check out.
See you in my next post.



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My Newly Decorated Bedroom…

Hey strangers,

so a couple of weeks ago, I completely redecorated my bedroom, after months and months of trying to convince my mom to let me do it.

I decided to go for a ‘Grape’ Purple and ‘Cosy Grey’, the purple was used as a feature wall and the rest was painted Grey. I’m not joking I started at 9.30 A.M. And finished it (including moving furniture around) 10.30 P.M. I took hardly any breaks and smacked on haribo. I was determined to finished it that day…. And well lets just say, I barely moved for the next 2 day.

This morning i took some pictures on my phone, so bare in mind they might not be the best quality ever.

These pictures also contains My handmade Dreamcatchers



Thank you for reading, I am planning on doing a more detailed ‘room tour’ but it ill be after Christmas because my sister is getting me a new camera.  The Room tour will be in picture not by video.

Thanks Again, I’ll see you in my next post

Signing Out