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My Newly Decorated Bedroom…

Hey strangers,

so a couple of weeks ago, I completely redecorated my bedroom, after months and months of trying to convince my mom to let me do it.

I decided to go for a ‘Grape’ Purple and ‘Cosy Grey’, the purple was used as a feature wall and the rest was painted Grey. I’m not joking I started at 9.30 A.M. And finished it (including moving furniture around) 10.30 P.M. I took hardly any breaks and smacked on haribo. I was determined to finished it that day…. And well lets just say, I barely moved for the next 2 day.

This morning i took some pictures on my phone, so bare in mind they might not be the best quality ever.

These pictures also contains My handmade Dreamcatchers



Thank you for reading, I am planning on doing a more detailed ‘room tour’ but it ill be after Christmas because my sister is getting me a new camera.  The Room tour will be in picture not by video.

Thanks Again, I’ll see you in my next post

Signing Out





Mine And Kirsty’s Walk Up The Nature Trail Again – 19th July 2016

So it’s 34 degrees in the UK right now and as my sister has the day of work, we decided to go over to the nature trail by the farm and see the Horses. I thought as I’m trying to get back into all things blogging again that i would share some of the pictures.


Mine and Kirsty’s ‘selfies’:


Other Pictures of Me and Kirsty:


The Horses and Other Random Pictures Taken:


So Those are the pictures me and kirsty took today on the trail.



Signed LaurenEmma