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Everyone Smiles in the same Language

Everyone Smiles in the same Language

Friends Vinyl Words & Wall Quotes #6
£15 –


Untitled #13

Untitled #13

Clover canyon dress
£195 –

Wolford thigh high hosiery
£47 –

Black platform shoes
£27 –

Gucci shoulder handbag
£520 –

Hot Topic hematite jewelry
£29 –

Beads jewellery
£8.87 –

Chicnova Fashion glass earrings
£2.96 –

Untitled #8

Untitled #8

White top

Balmain moto jacket
£1,910 –

Veda Soul black ankle boots
£56 –

BeiBaoBao drawstring bag
£33 –

Mizuki beaded jewelry
£560 –

Pamela Love earrings
£130 –

Chain necklace
£26 –

Delayed Post:

Im so so sorry, i know i said in my last post i would be uploading a photography based post about our recent trip to the local Botanical Gardens. what i didn’t think through was that i needed up upload 90 photos on my site to be able to publish the post.  However i am uploading to photos right now and if all goes well it should be up tonight

Signing Out

Lauren x

I’m Returning

Hello There,

long time no blogging right?, well I’m back now that i have finally managed to get a new laptop that has all the keys working.

If your new to this site; Hi my name is Lauren and i run this site. I am really looking forward to getting back to posting regularly again and i will be posting a schedule during this coming week.

But i want your input here, what do you guys want to see more of?, would you like more fashion posting, design, art, or do you want to get to know me more. Comment down below saying what you would like to see and i will work on getting those posted up for you all.

To start off; once this post is up, I will be working on a photography post from mine and most sisters recent visit to our local ‘Botanical Gardens’. so look out for that and until then i will see you in my next post.

Signing out

Lauren xx



New Venture – Lauren’s Dream Catcher Creations:

Hey guys,


I wanted to talk to you about something, I have been making Dream catcher for around 3/4 months now.  Just over a month ago I uploaded some picture’s of the dream catchers and several of my friends said that i should sell them.  So I created a facebook selling page and decided to see how it went.

I have had a bit of interest but i actually want to make a go of this if i can, So My next post will contain pictures of the Dreamcatchers I’m selling and i’m going to see if i get any interest on here.

Written By,

LaurenEmma x